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CCTV Inspection

GIANT employs CCTV inspection equipment for many of our pipeline cleaning and sewer cleaning projects.

By using the CCTV camera we are able to provide vital information to our clients and bring to their attention any major or minor defects.

Internal inspections utilising CCTV allows the client to view the internals of the pipeline which can highlight any or all possible problems and can help the client best decide on which method to use to correct any such problems. This technique is suitable to reach hard to reach areas, it's not time consuming and is very effective.

As a visual aid, it is possibly the most powerful tool when it comes to planning any maintenance of an already existing pipeline; such problems that would cause blockages or lack of flow later are very easily identified.

Breaks or damage to pipelines are very visible when using CCTV pipeline inspection units, any debris, blockages, corrosion or damage to the inner surface of the pipe can be viewed ahead of any maintenance program, therefore decisions can be made to incorporate effective repairs in line with program duration.

These camera systems can be used in many applications and can aid power plants, oil and gas plants, food processing factories, marine vessels (oil tankers etc.) municipalities for sewer and drainage line inspections and construction companies. It can also be applied to aid people in such professions like civil engineers, structural inspectors, professional divers, quality control departments and maintenance departments.