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Why Giant

Giant Group with offices in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and Sohar, in the Sultanate of Oman we are strategically placed in the region to cover all GCC states.

Giant Group was established in 2014 to promote the skill set required in specialist contracting services with High pressure water jetting equipment and accessories. We have set up to deliver our specialist services both direct to key stakeholders and to local UAE and to Gulf wide industrial service companies already working in oil and gas, ship repair facilities and new construction yards in the region..

Although several other contracting companies exist in the area, it was quickly apparent that the expertise to offer a specialist service to key stakeholders and contractors was not readily available through these established companies, it was obviously apparent through observation over many years, that many companies offering the water jetting services have added these services to their company's existing portfolio usually as an add on service to other skills that these companies had originally set out in.

Additionally it was also apparent that due to the lack of dedicated water jetting contracting companies in the area that it was essential for us to offer our services to potential customers.

At Giant Group we offer a full service from the outset, we are here to promote our skills and our business solely in the area we are confident in. We are not intending on adding on additional services to compete with companies who have their own specialist niche markets.

Giant Group has set out to be up to date with technology, wherever possible we utilise automated equipment to undertake projects, minimising the use of manpower, therefore reducing the risk and minimising downtime.

Our skilled technicians are fully trained to the industry standards and beyond, our technicians are skilled in the water jetting industry, with practical training, on site repair and maintenance of equipment and safety awareness being a major part of their skill set.

By utilising our skills, our clients can rest assured that we will give the best of service to the client and offer a safer, faster, cleaner method of work, enabling the client to concentrate on their operations with the knowledge of having a skilled workforce working to achieve the program set during our earlier discussions at tender stage.

Giant Group management personnel collectively have 50 years of Practical Water jet experience, enabling us to provide you with the most professional service available in the region. Our management personnel are selected from established water jetting working environments from Engineering and contracting backgrounds, this allows us to keep abreast of the industry developments and assist with our customers to offer the best of equipment and knowledge.