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Cold Cutting Techniques

Giant GPEM LLC has several cold cutting sets of equipment available in our high-pressure accessories store.

These cold cutting systems have been utilized for many cold cutting operations in the Oil and Gas, shipping, process industries and the construction industry.

Giant GPEM LLC Management and staff have completed many cold cutting projects in the Middle East area with projects undertaken for disinvestments of pipelines, tanks, vessels, and concrete structures.

Cold cutting techniques have been widely used by our company due to its Safe method of operation for work undertaken where gas, oil carbons or flammables are still present in the work area.

The use of the cold cutting equipment has been largely utilized through Oil and Gas service industries.

The method of using High pressure water with entrained abrasives has been around for many years having been demonstrated in the UK in the early eighties.

In the Iraq - Kuwait war in the early nineties, many oil fires at the well heads, once extinguished, required new Blow out Prevention systems BOP's to be repaired or cut off at the caisson level below the damaged area. These BOP's were cut predominantly with High pressure water and abrasives.

Cold cutting can be carried out in most areas of any situation whereby the danger of fire and explosion is to be considered.

Cutting of steel pipes, tank walls, vessels and concrete structures are now achievable in the most dangerous of situations.

Flame or heat creating equipment in a High-risk environment, cause major safety concerns and therefore lead to downtime whilst preparations in a potentially explosive atmosphere takes place.

By using Cold Cutting techniques, we can now undertake these projects with far less risk, with less manpower and in a suitably controlled environment. At Giant GPEM LLC we utilize high pressure pump units more than 15,000 psi in most cold cutting activities, for more delicate operations we utilize pressures in excess of 30,000 psi.

The use of the High pressure of the water directed at the steel or concrete surface with a metered quantity of abrasive (which is entrained in the water jet stream) allows us to cut through steel or concrete of various thicknesses.

The high-pressure water jet and abrasive are maneuvered in a controlled manner whereby the cutting head is mounted on a variety of manipulators which travel at a controlled speed, the thicker the steel the slower the speed.

In cases where Reactor vessels are to be cut, we must cut through the outer steel shell and the internal steel mesh including the refractory material in a single pass. The speed is all important to ensure the variable materials are cut through.

Concrete slabs and beams are also cut using the Cold cutting method. This enables a controlled demolition of concrete. The concrete and the reinforcing steel need to be cut through from top to bottom and slabs as thick as 1m have been cut by Giant GPEM LLC using the cold cutting method.