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Sewer And Drain Cleaning

Giant Group can offer a variety of work packages including, full turnkey projects offering assistance with the on-site civil teams.

Our company has been involved during the construction phases of new infrastructure drain and Sewer pipe lines from 100mm to 1.2 m diameter.

Here we are often brought in to ensure that the new systems are fully functional after construction often due to clients insisting on inspection and cleaning before handover to Municipalities.

The removal of sand and construction debris from new and existing sewers has been carried out using our high flow, low pressure specialist nozzles.

The nozzles we use are designed to ensure the full debris removals can be achieved with one pass with the correct combination of pressure and high flow from our High pressure pump units.

Drain access points can be made through drain access points as small as 50mm, or open manholes to gain entry into the underground Sewer, storm water and drainage systems.

Utilizing a single access point, cleaning up to 200m in length can be cleaned depending on the sewer system configuration with further distances being achievable.

The systems we use along with our CCTV survey equipment is highly effective and successful, we have utilised our working methods to undertake subsea pipeline rehabilitation on seawater intake systems at various offshore locations, at times completing fully blocked sea water intake systems utilising the technique with further pressure and flow requirements than conventional sewer cleaning projects.